Tribe Called Quest – This Song Is My Jam

this is my jam

This song was and still is my jam.

RIP Phife Dawg…

It’s sad that he’s gone, and therefore never drop any more great lyrics, but he did leave these great songs behind. Growing up in the northeast gave me a different set of music to listen to, but this song has always just felt so NYC to me. I used to listen to this song on my Discman* riding the subway. Good times…Electric Relaxation¬†along with many others from Tribe Called Quest will be on the soundtrack of my life…



*who remembers having one of these!??

Divorce: Can Teenagers Handle the Truth?

aftermath of my divorce

Drawing from my personal experience as a child of divorce, I am helping my children deal with the aftermath of my divorce from their father. My mother didn’t give me the benefit of the truth because she thought that as a teen I couldn’t handle divorce, and that assumption cost more in the long run.¬† Continue reading

You Don’t Get To String Me Along

aint nobody got time for that

I heard this song after I had a conversation on the phone with mr horrible and the lyrics raised conflicted feelings about my ex that were all too real…
Continue reading

Generational Differences

keep laughing grandma it will all be over soon

My mother and my daughter have a very love-hate relationship. My mother loves her granddaughter, my daughter cannot stand her grandmother. There is a lot of confusion on both sides as to why can’t the other understand the love/hate. I am stuck in the middle attempting to mediate between the two. Continue reading